About us

Organizing committee

Hanneke Muthert

Professor Psychology of Religion with special attention for Spiritual Care and Wellbeing

University of Groningen


Hetty Zock

Professor Religion and Mental Health, in particular in the domain of Spiritual Care 

University of Groningen

Anja Visser

Assistant Professor Spiritual Care

University of Groningen

Brenda Mathijssen

Assistant Professor Psychology, Culture and Religion

University of Groningen

Ilse van Tuinen

Student Assistent Psychology of Religion and Spiritual Care

University of Groningen

Hans Alma

Professor Spiritual Care and Religious Humanism

VU Amsterdam

Hanneke Schaap Jonker

Endowed Professor Clinical Psychology of Religion

VU Amsterdam

Annemarie Foppen

Lecturer Psychology of Religion and PhD candidate Religion and Leadership

VU Amsterdam

Michiel van Elk

Associate Professor Cognitive Psychology

Leiden University

Scientific committee

The scientific committee consists of members of the board of the IAPR and members of the organizing committee: 

Üzeyir Ok, Professor of Social Psychology, Ibn Haldun University, Turkey

Miguel Farias, Reader in Cognitive and Biological Psychology, Coventry University, UK

Peter la Cour, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, VID Specialized University, Norway

Hetty Zock, Professor of Religion and Mental Health, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Michiel van Elk, Associate Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Leiden University, Netherlands

Annemarie Foppen, Lecturer and PhD candidate of Religion and Leadership, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands